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Weeping Prayer of Cometan

An event during the incumbency of Cometan in which he attempted communication with his grandmother, Irene Mary Taylor, who had died five years earlier.

Weeping Prayer of Cometan

The Weeping Prayer of Cometan is an event during the incumbency of Cometan and as part of the history of Astronism that is considred to have occurred on 15th February 2020. Cometan reported having made the decision to pray to his grandmother, Irene Mary Taylor, for guidance and to ask whether she had made it to heaven and to provide him with a sign of her entry into heaven. 

Just a second following Cometan's initiation of the prayer, he began to weep with streams of tears flowing down his cheeks. He had not expected such a flurry of emotion to occur so quickly after he began praying to his grandmother. The immediacy and the extraordinary amount of tears he wept signalled to him an importance placed on this event. The interpretation of this event remains in dispute and which has caused ambiguity as to whether Irene Mary Taylor has entered heaven or not. 

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