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William Warbrick

William "Bill" Warbrick is the maternal grandfather of Cometan born on 8th October 1936 and is classified as a figure of coportance within Astronism and is also mononymously known as Macosmeran in the religion.

William Warbrick

William "Bill" Warbrick (born October 8, 1936), classified as a figure of coportance within Astronism and mononymously known as Macosmeran, is the maternal grandfather of Cometan who married Hilda Warbrick on 17th May 1958.

William Warbrick was born at 2 Radburn Brow in what was then called Clayton Green, but what is now called Clayton-le-Woods next to the town of Chorley in Lancashire, England.

Hilda Warbrick was born at 9 Darwin Street in the village of Higher Walton and at the age of three moved to 35 Church Terrace in the same village directly across from All Saints Church. She lived there with her father and two brothers until she married William when she was twenty years old on 17th May 1958 at the Church of Our Lady and St. Patrick in Walton-le-dale.

Early life

William Warbrick was born to a middle-income family in the autumn of 1936 in the village of Clayton-le-Woods, which was then called Clayton Green to his parents Henry Warbrick (father) and Mary Warbrick (mother). Warbrick has two older sisters, Elisabeth "Betty" Conway (born October 10, 1926), and Monica Bolton (born February 14, 1928).

Karen Warbrick

Karen Elizabeth Warbrick (born September 17, 1966 - October 7, 1970) was the aunt of Cometan, the daughter to Bill and Hilda Warbrick and the sister of Louise Counsell. Karen died at the age of four due to an accidental death of drowning after falling into a pond near to the house of her parents.

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