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Louise J. Counsell

Born 17 July 1970 | Cometan's mother | Businesswoman

Graduation of Louise J. Counsell from Bachelors in Psychology.jpeg

Image distributed by Photography Lately. © 2020 Millettarian Photographic Institute (link)

Louise J. Counsell is the mother of Cometan. She was one of the instrumental figures during the years of The Founding of Astronism in addition to being the owner of properties and of a successful hair salon. 

Louise also embarked on a challenging degree course in the subject of psychology which she hopes to use to become a therapist and to think of new ideas and methods to help those struggling with addiction. 

Louise worked to help Cometan during his formative years whilst running her business and managing the family household. Her other offspring are her two daughters, Charlotte Sophia and Lucia Richardson

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