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Recognition of religion or belief in Algeria

According to the SRR, conditions for RoRB are classified censorious in the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria.

Recognition of religion or belief in Algeria


  • The systems for recognition and registration are amalgamated and so the two terms are used interchangeably not in alignment with the differentiated definitions of this project; the registration of an organisation or denomination does not equate to the same level of recognition received by the state denomination of Sunni Islam.

  • Having registration be split between national and provincial levels with the gaining the former being based on population distribution severely inhibits denominations from receiving nationwide recognition and protection for their activities, thus ensuring the continuation of the Sunni hegemony.

  • The Bielefeldt provision is contravened by mandatory registration and the requirement of worship and practice to take place in state-approved locations.

  • Excessive information required for registration suggests a potential for the misuse of the information at a later date and a restrictive registration process.

  • Overwhelming Sunni Muslim population suggests a variance with the verancy.

  • Both Protestant churches and the Ahmadi community have been particularly effected by government restrictions in recent years.

  • Although the law does not prohibit conversion from Islam, the influence of normativism suggests that in doing so one would receive significantly social pressures, hurdles and ostracism if they do not re-convert.

Positive elements:

  • Nil.


  • Dismantlement of the abusive uses of recognition in the country and the body of laws that perpetuate this misuse.

  • Use recognition as a means to spread awareness of the acceptability of the diversity of belief.

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