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Recognition of religion or belief in Belgium

According to the SRR, conditions for RoRB in the Kingdom of Belgium are classified receptive.

Recognition of religion or belief in Belgium


  • The Belgian recognition system is focused on existential recognition of belief systems but is not dynamic in the sense that it doesn't afford forms of recognition to individual denominations separately from the belief system; in some senses, the Belgian system lacks clarity in the area of legal registration.

  • The significant degree of legal ambiguity in the current Belgian recognition system and is heavy reliance upon the constitution and laws predating the constitution is worrisome for the country to achieve a dynamic approach to religious recognition.

  • However, the degree of support it provides recognised groups means it shows dynamic qualities.

  • Final approval bestowed to the federal parliament makes recognition in Belgium a political decision yet freedom of religion or belief provisions should remain ectopolitical.

Positive elements:

  • By solving some issues with over-reliance on legislative precedents and issues of ambiguity, Belgium is close to becoming a receptive and then dynamic system.

  • Horizontal recognition.

  • Procedures exist that do somewhat, but not entirely, correspond to the levels of recognition framework.


  • Establish an independent recognition agency to ensure that politicisation of decisions regarding registration and recognition does not occur.

  • Implement procedures that reduce reliance on legislative precedents.

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