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Recognition of religion or belief in Bosnia and Herzegovina

According to the SRR, conditions for RoRB in Bosnia and Herzegovina are classified restrictive.

Recognition of religion or belief in Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Existential recognition is granted to four denominations stylised as “traditional religious communities” namely Catholicism, Islam, the Serbian Orthodox Church and Jewish community; the process for registration does not seem to correlate with this form of recognition, hence there exists vertical recognition rather than the ideal horizontal form.

  • Bielefeldt recommends against the imposition of membership quotas.

  • Intrusive requirements for registration exist but these are not excessive.

  • The acts of vandalism against religious sites reported by Freedom House need to be combatted with more education and awareness of diversity of religion or belief, part of the achievement of which is the establishment of more receptive and dynamic procedures for recognition.

Positive elements:

  • There are provisions put in place to protect groups from imitation or misuse of their symbols and attributes; however, these provisions should be monitored for their potential misuse.

  • The MHRR is responsible for maintaining religious freedom conditions although its independence from government and its focus on recognition would be preferable.


  • Dissolve intrusive registration requirements to reach receptivity.

  • Remove vertical recognition.

  • Establish an equitable recognition system.

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