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Recognition of religion or belief in Costa Rica

According to the SRR, conditions for RoRB in the Republic of Costa Rica are classified receptive.

Recognition of religion or belief in Costa Rica


  • State denomination is Roman Catholicism.

  • There are no procedures put in place for non-Catholic denominations and organisations to receive the same benefits or level of recognition that the Catholic Church receives (i.e. a situation of partial recognition).

  • A small membership quota exists.

  • Although religious groups are not mandated to register in order to exist and engage in religious practice, they are in effect mandated in the sense that any type of fundraising may only be conducted with a registered organisations which in effect makes registration mandatory without implicitly saying so in the legislation.

Positive elements:

  • There are provisions put in place for reporting discrimination.

  • There exists a system for registration without only a few minor issues.


  • Establish a system that has the capacity to differentiate between existential recognition and legal registration and that can bestow these equitably.

  • Remove stipulation of membership quota.

  • Resolve the issue of partial recognition being in effect by establishing provisions for all groups to saying recognition on a level playing field.

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