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Recognition of religion or belief in Greece

According to the SRR, conditions for RoRB in the Hellenic Republic are classified restrictive.

Recognition of religion or belief in Greece


  • Greek Orthodox Church (GOC) is the state religion which has special constitutional status.

  • Recognition and registration look to be amalgamated rather than ideally differentiated; a system of vertical recognition and partial recognition exists; the former because of the two categories for religious groups – religious group and known religion – while the latter form of recognition emerges in the fact that registration with the government does not equate to the same recognised status as the GOC.

  • Members of some minorities continue to face both discrimination and legal barriers.

  • Multiformism is not allowed for.

  • The banning of proselytism demonstrates a significant setback for the Greek government's maintenance of high religious freedom standards; proselytism doesn't correspond to fraudulent means of conversion; although this law may be dormant or rarely enforced, its existence cannot be tolerated as part of sustaining high religious freedom standards.

Positive elements:

  • There is an established system for legal registration despite it possessing some restrictive elements.


  • Equalise all provisions.

  • Establish provisions for existential recognition.

  • Remove restrictive elements from the existent system.

  • Revoke dormant laws on proselytism.

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