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Recognition of religion or belief in Guatemala

According to the SRR, conditions for RoRB in the Republic of Guatemala are classified receptive.

Recognition of religion or belief in Guatemala


  • State privilege is granted to the Catholic Church.

  • Recognition and registration are amalgamated for all non-Catholic groups rather than ideally differentiated; there is a focus on legal registration centring on achieving tax exempt status; there exists very few if any provisions for existential recognition.

  • Partial recognition exists.

  • Discrimination against non-Catholic groups exists in the system.

  • Informational requirements seem appropriate but will require continued to monitoring to ensure they are not misused or extended further.

Positive elements:

  • A system of legal registration exists despite its minor issues which highlights the country’s receptive status.


  • Disestablish partial recognition by equalising and streamlining all recognition statuses including that of the Catholic Church.

  • Continue to ensure that politicisation of the recognition system does not take place.

  • Re-evaluate the rules surrounding mandatory registration for activities other than worship and proselytism.

  • Remove any instances of unstructure by clarifying in legislation areas that remain ambiguous or unaddressed.

  • To become dynamic, establish provisions for both existential recognition and legal registration; also, establish a recognition agency to manage the system independent of government.

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