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Recognition of religion or belief in Guinea

According to the SRR, conditions for RoRB in the Republic of Guinea are classified restrictive.

Recognition of religion or belief in Guinea


  • Recognition and registration are amalgamated rather than ideally differentiated.

  • There are no provisions for existential recognition, only legal registration.

  • An appropriate administration fee is applied.

  • The mandatory requirement for groups to report on their activities every six months is restrictive.

  • The governing of religious affairs of the country is intertwined with government bodies which could lead to politicisation.

  • The rule against religious entities owning radio or television stations is a restriction on proselytism.

  • The rule of mandatory registration violates the Bielefeldt provision.

  • The social pressures on those converted and reports of discrimination of non-Muslims can be resolved through promotion of religious education, the reaffirmation of recognition and the spreading of awareness of the importance of diversity.

Positive elements:

  • Horizontal recognition is in effect.


  • Dismantle existent policies that restrict religious activity or place barriers during the registration process.

  • Establish sufficient provisions for existential recognition not just legal registration.

  • Revoke the rule of mandatory registration.

  • Use recognition to promote diversity and to improve religious education.

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