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Recognition of religion or belief in India

According to the SRR, conditions for RoRB in the Republic of India (including Indian Kashmir) are classified censorious.

Recognition of religion or belief in India


  • Restrictions are placed upon conversion and proselytism, including mandatory registration of conversion to provincial government in some states which does not correspond with the right of a person to change religion or belief, especially because violators of these types of laws face retribution.

  • There exists an imbalance between requirements for local and foreign-sourced religious groups in favour of the former rather than the latter including mandatory annual reporting of activities.

  • There are several persistent issues with religious recognition in India, including legislative language; state definition of groups is applied when the state groups Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains together under the banner of Hindus despite widespread acknowledgement of them as separate groups.

  • Registration with the government does not equate to the same recognitory status as the six religious minorities and certain not to that of Hindus as the religious majority; attaining these existential recognised status.

Positive elements:

  • Commission established to registered cases of discrimination although limited to only recognised minorities.


  • Establish provisions for existential recognition.

  • Dismantle all forms of vertical recognition

  • Remove all restrictive policies on conversion and proselytism.

Indian Kashmir:

  • Communal violence between Muslims and Hindus is ongoing but should be helped in its resolution through the use of recognition tools to reaffirm a message of diversity.

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