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Recognition of religion or belief in New Zealand

According to the standards set out in the SRR, conditions for RoRB in New Zealand are classified restrictive.

Recognition of religion or belief in New Zealand


  • There is no recognition system in New Zealand; hence, there is no means for existential recognition or legal registration in the country; religious groups may receive only a semblance of recognition by way of obtaining tax-exempt status.

  • Mandatory registration for groups to collect any types of funds is a violation of the Bielefeldt provision.

Positive elements:

  • Freedom of religion or belief is widely upheld by the government in practice.


  • To become receptive, establish a recognition system that has the capacity to bestow existential recognition and legal registration simultaneously for all belief systems and their derivatives and at different levels of activity and operation.

  • To become dynamic, establish a recognition agency that manages the established recognition system and acts and makes decisions independent of the government.

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