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Recognition of religion or belief in North Korea

According to the standards set out in the SRR, conditions for RoRB in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are classified terminal.

Recognition of religion or belief in North Korea


  • The North Korean government has constructed and orchestrates a sophisticated and brutal system for its nationwide, universal control of religion and belief among its citizens.

  • There are no genuine means for religious groups to gain either existential recognition or legal registration in the country.

  • The state-sanctioned churches constructed in the capital are merely for show as an attempt to suggest that religious freedom is respected in the country.

  • North Korea represents a country whereby recognition is abused and misused to its furthest, most severe extent.

Positive elements:

  • Nil.


  • Complete dismantlement of the country’s repressive system for inhibiting all forms of religious activity would need to be conducted before any further recommendations could be made to improve the situation further; although North Korea is provided with the classification of terminal in the Spectrum of Religious Recognition, the country should ideally be given its own even lower classification as no other country can compare to how North Korea violates freedom of religion or belief.

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