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Recognition of religion or belief in Serbia

According to the standards set out in the SRR, conditions for RoRB in the Republic of Serbia are classified receptive.

Recognition of religion or belief in Serbia


  • Recognition and registration are differentiated in Serbia however existential recognition is not available to all belief systems, denominations and communities, only a select group.

  • Use of the concept of "traditional religion” is widespread in the legislation and is misused as a way of discriminating against groups favourable to the government and those not favourable.

  • A system of partial recognition exists whereby even if a group successfully registers, it hasn't the opportunity to gain the same level of recognition as those seven declared “traditional” groups delineated in the legislation.

  • Informational requirements for registration are intrusive, particularly the requests for identification numbers and identity documents of members; also, requests for doctrinal information is vulnerable to misuse.

Positive elements:

  • Freedom of religion or belief is generally, but not broadly, upheld in practice.

  • The newly established Ministry for Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue shows dynamic character for Serbia.


  • Dismantle the present system that adopts partial recognition.

  • Establish a revitalised recognition system that bestows existential recognition and legal registration to all belief systems and their derivatives.

  • Establish a recognition agency that manages this recognition system in a way that is independent of the government’s control.

  • Reduce the intrusiveness of informational requirements.

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