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Incumbency of Cometan

by Astronist Institution

Last updated: FEB. 15, 2020

The pivotal events and religious experiences of Cometan throughout his life categorised by annual life period and often given distinct titles and collected together to form the incumbency of Cometan.

In Astronism, that which is technically referred to as the incumbency of Cometan, and is more widely and colloquially known as the ministry of Cometan, involves the public life of the founder of Astronism including his achievements, religious experiences, pivotal events, and other documented information that is part of or in close relation to the Astronist belief system.


The word incumbency refers to an office held and the duration of that position and in the context of Astronist and Cometanic chronology, this term pertains to the office of Brandon Taylorian as being the personage of Cometan.

Incumbency of Cometan

According to Astronist tradition, the incumbency of Cometan begins with the revelation known as The Commencement that took place on his fifteenth birthday and initiated the Seven Year Revelation which is categorised as the first era known as The Founding of Astronism.

The Founding of Astronism

The Year of The Gift (2013)

The Year of Ignorance (2014)

The Year of Enlightenment (2015)

The Year of Expansion (2016)

The Year of Consolidation (2017)

The Year of Prolifics (2018)

The Year of Completion (2019)

The Year of Manifestation (2020)

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